First TERBERG/ZAGRO rescue vehicles completed

For the first time, ZAGRO engineers have built the TERBERG/ZAGRO truck to a rescue vehicle for road and rail. Equipped with box body, the road/rail vehicle is designed for the recovery of damaged trains or for maintenance work. Great traction and rescue equipment were combined in one vehicle. The box body provides space for a crew cabin for four persons and a tool compartment for hydraulic rescue equipment and tools.

Equipped with a coupling system with an electric height adjustment, the vehicle can be connected to the broken down train. Then the train can be safely towed back to the depot, so that the track can be returned to use. The vehicles have been specially designed for the climatic conditions in the region.

Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is currently implementing the world's largest public transport project. It involves the construction of six lines of a fully automatic, driverless metro system. Our TERBERG/ZAGRO rescue vehicles will ensure the rapid rescue operation and maintenance of the 175 kilometer long rail infrastructure. The first two vehicles will be delivered soon to Metro Riyadh.