Innovation - ZAGRO E-MAXI VARIO battery-driven railcar mover

ZAGRO has launched a new model in an attractive design. With variable components, the perfect device can be configured for almost any requirement. We offer a wide selection to the users.

Different battery capacities from 320 to 1000 Ah, variable coupling systems with height adjustment, wagon brake system, driver cabin or open seat - all this can be achieved with the same basic frame. Not to forget the variable rail track gauges, which can be realized from 1000 to 1673 mm.

The individually constructed electric tractor is offered in road/rail or rail-bound design. Our manoeuvrable ZAGRO E-MAXI VARIO excellently masters the shunting of trailer loads up to 1000 tons. Very small radii starting at 23 m can be overcome.

The railcar movers prove to be very practical in everyday work and are easy to operate via radio remote control. Flexibility is the first preference. The ability to drive on the road, then pull in the flat area and start immediately with a shunting operation, saves a lot of time.

The main advantages of battery-driven railcar movers are the avoidance of emissions in buildings and halls, the low-noise operation, the conservation of resources and energy recovery by storing the braking energy.

Thanks to the standardization and modular design, delivery times are further reduced and product quality is constantly improved. A newly built production line by mid-2018 will contribute significantly to this success.