Road rail Unimog – special construction for Taiwan

During this week, three identical ZAGRO road rail Unimogs U 423 have left the ZAGRO factory in Bad Rappenau-Grombach. They set off on a long journey to Taiwan. The brand new vehicles had been specifically adapted to the individual requirements of the customer in Taiwan and will be integrated into the vehicle fleet of Taoyuan Metro. They are determined to execute the maintenance work in efficient and safe conditions on the Metro track network of 190 km length.

The implementation of the very specific conception and fabrication constituted a particular challenge for our team. The vehicle was equipped with frame overhang prolongation. At its rear a driver cabin with air-conditioning was installed to accommodate two operators and ensure perfect visibility even during reverse travel. For the maintenance work, the Unimogs were equipped with two lifting platforms with and without scissor lifts which are laterally extendable by approx. 1.5 meters. These maintenance platforms are powered by the Unimog hydraulic system.