First ZAGRO road/rail Unimog U 400 for Doha, Qatar

In a few days, the Football World Cup in Russia begins and the preparations for the next one in Qatar are already in full swing. Not least because of the upcoming Football World Cup 2022 Qatar is in the building boom. The desert state is well on the way to becoming one of the most modern ones in the world. Huge investments are made in a powerful infrastructure. Thus, the country's first metro is under construction and will, among other things, provide a rail connection for all 12 World Cup stadiums.

ZAGRO equipped the Doha Metro depot with three Unimog U 400 at the end of 2017. Four weeks ago, the personal training and the acceptance of the vehicles took place on site. There are a working vehicle equipped with a crane and two rescue vehicles.

Supported by our partner, GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH, ZAGRO has equipped the Unimog as a rescue car with the double cabin and the body box with rerailing equipment. The road/rail vehicles can transfer derailed rail vehicles back into the track safely and with precision. The Unimog with ZAGRO track guiding equipment can tow the broken down tram back to the depot and can support repair work on the track.