ZAGRO E-MAXI XL pulls a train ICE-4 weighing 850 tons

The ZAGRO team has surpassed itself and completed a great road/rail vehicle in the shortest possible time. Earlier this week, the 16.2 tons heavy battery-driven railcar mover ZAGRO E-MAXI XL was delivered to the German railway company (Deutsche Bahn). The new owner happily received the battery-driven railcar mover varnished appropriate to the long-distance traffic trains. The road/rail vehicle will be used in the Munich plant, where the ICE trains will be maintained.

The ZAGRO E-MAXI XL, equipped with a waggon brake system, has shown a strong performance when pulling the 368 meter high-speed train ICE-4 with a total weight of 850 tons. Driving on the underfloor wheel lathe was performed without any difficulties.

The vehicle was equipped with a camera system for the video surveillance of the drivable track. The transmission takes place over 500 meters with directional radio to a screen in the control room of the underfloor wheel lathe.

The vehicle offers a covered standing area for the operator. This weather protection provides better working conditions, especially in snow and rain.