Road-rail Unimog

Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner

In June 2015 ZAGRO was awarded the partnership level of Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner as one of the first companies in the world and thus complies to the fullest extent with Daimler AG’s demands on quality, distribution, service and technology.

Efficient and economic use on rails and on the road

The shear versatility of ZAGRO road-rail vehicles is based on their efficient and economic operation on both road and rail.

On the road...

... or off the road, the wide range of implements and auxiliary equipment enables the Unimog to carry out a huge range of varied jobs.

All over the world, the Unimog has proven its high efficiency, quality and outstanding durability.

On rail...

…the Unimog with ZAGRO track guidance constitutes a high value rail vehicle. 

Equipped with specific implements the Unimog can perform, shunting, track laying work, service, repair and maintenance work, as well as rerailing and emergency rescue work.

It represents a perfect multi-purpose vehicle, meeting and often exceeding the demands of customers, and specific rail authorities.

On and off tracking is quick and easy. 

The ZAGRO road-rail Unimog reaches its place of operation by the shortest and quickest route. 

The requirements to on-rail the Unimog is merely a 5m section of level track.