Road-rail vehicles

The road-rail vehicle from the leading system provider

Zagro Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH develops and builds road-rail vehicles for any possible use and application. We deliver brand-new and used vehicles for purchase and for lease. Our list of customers contains some of the most prestigious companies worldwide. We position ourselves as the leading problem solver in the field of road-rail vehicles.

In service on rail and road worldwide

Our road-rail vehicles are used by various entities worldwide such as railway companies, municipalities, industrial enterprises and ports. Typically our vehicles are used for shunting, construction, repair and maintenance and as transport-, utility- and rescue vehicles.

New and pre-owned vehicles, leasing vehicles

Besides new vehicles we offer leasing contracts for road-rail Unimogs and shunters with diesel-, gasoline- and battery-drive from periods of one month. We also offer the largest selection of certified pre-owned road-rail vehicles in Europe.

We are familiar with railway regulations and take care of the necessary EBO approvals.

Multi-purpose emergency vehicle
Transport vehicle
Road/rail vehicle with radio remote control system
Shunting vehicle up to 2800 tons