Alstom Transport uses ZAGRO E-MAXI in their depot in Valenciennes-Petite Forêt

For decades, BASF has been trusting in ZAGRO Unimog road/rail vehicles and E-MAXI railcar movers

Bernmobil Switzerland perform their shunting work with E-MAXI

ZAGRO E-MAXI in operation at Bombardier Wien/Austria

ZAGRO E-MAXI in operation at Bombardier Transportation in Bautzen

BSAG in Bremen/Germany ensure their mobility using the E-MAXI

Bybanen/Norway perform move their tram with railcar mover E-MAXI made in Germany

Germany Railways trust in ZAGRO road/rail technology

9 units of E-MAXI supplied to Chinese Railway Organization MOR in 2009

ÖBB in Wien purchase the E-MAXI XL with cabin for their depot in Matzleinsdorf

Strukton/Netherlands procure Mercedes-Sprinter equipped with ZAGRO rail guidance system

MAXI Railcar Mover with petrol engine in operation at Tyczka Energie/Germany